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Private Pesticide License Trainings

This week, Feb. 29 through March 4, those with expiring North Dakota private pesticide applicator license will be receiving a letter from the Extension Office reminding you that you are due to be recertified. During the KUMV Farm and Ranch Show held March 15 and 16 we will be doing pesticides on the first day. In past years this training was always held on the second day, but we will be switching the date this year to the first day, Tue., March 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Extension Office and I will be hosting a recertification for those that will be receiving a letter. Those that have not had a license or have gone longer than three years without recertifying will have to attend the training from 9:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. then immediately take the written exam. Upon passing you will receive your license which is good for three years. This event is held at the Raymond Family Community Center. For more information please contact the Extension Office at 701-577-4595.

Williams County Cost Share

Williams County Weed Board has recently decided that the counties Cost Share Pesticide Program will now be a larger split. This program is available for the following pesticides; Tordon (must has pesticide certification for purchase of this pesticide), Plateau, MSO, Roundup, Milestone and Platoon (2,4-D). This program in Williams County will now be at an 80/20 split, Williams County will be paying 80% of the cost and the landowner will be paying 20% of the cost of a certain pesticide. The only pesticide with a limit would be Roundup, only 10 gallons can be purchased through this program for a landowner. Below are the prices that are going to be set for one gallon of these pesticides;

Tordon (must have pesticide certification to use)

Full cost of Tordon- $50.70

County’s 80% cost- $40.56

Landowner’s 20% cost- $10.14


Full cost of Plateau- $114.00

County’s 80% cost- $91.20

Landowner’s 20% cost- $22.80


Full cost of MSO- $11.40

County’s 80% cost- $9.12

Landowner’s 20% cost- $2.62


Full cost of Roundup- $13.10

County’s 80% cost- $10.48

Landowner’s 20% cost- $2.62


Full cost of Milestone- $277.00

County’s 80% cost- $221.60

Landowner’s 20% cost- $55.40

Platoon (2,4-D)

Full cost of Platoon- $12.00

County’s 80% cost- $9.60

Landowner’s- $2.40

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Jerry, the Williams County Weed Control Officer, at 701-580-1628.


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