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Sidney Wrestling Poplar Tourney Results


Sidney wrestlers participated in the Poplar Tournament on Saturday Feb. 20, 2016 the results are as follows.


41lb- Max Kleinke 2nd place; 44.5lb- Eli Enstrom 1st place, Daniel Carlsen 5th place; 47.5lb- Boston Reed 4th place; 48.8lb- Brenner Mullin 1st place, Rueger Sheehan 2nd place; 51.1lb- Kayson Clifton 1st place, Justin Martinson 3rd Place


40.7lb- Dawson Baltrusch 1st, Ryan McGahn 2nd, Eli Lonski 3rd place; 43.8lb- Tyson Syth 1st, Kade Kutzler 4th place; 46.5lb- Carson Propp 2nd, Bodee Bright 4th, Ethan Eide 5th place; 48.5lb - Jesse Clifton 4th place; 50lb- Aiden Rudie 5th place; 52.6lb- Grady Bloesser 1st, Cayden Hambro 4th place; 54.2lb- Allen VanGorder 5th place; 54.8lb- Silas Wichman 5th place; 57.2lb- Isiah Haugen 1st, Quinten Waters 5th Place; 61lb- Tyson Savik 2nd place; 63.4lb- Ty Schepens 1st place, Waylon Schiefer 4th place; 69.6lb- Kayden Williams 2nd place; 79.2lb- Koltyn Mullin 2nd place


47.6lb- Reese Graves 1st, Maliek Patter 2nd place; 57.4lb - Jaiden Gustafson 3rd, Curtis Mullin 5th ; 58.7lb- Tyler Loan 2nd, Clayton VanGorder 4th place; 62lb- Morgan Reid 4th place; 62.7lb- Mason Hardin 3rd, Ryleigh Kleinke 5th place; 64.7lb- Brooks Slaem 5th place; 67.1lb- Ryker Wise 1st, Kaden Savik 2nd, Bradon Becker 4th; 89.6lb- Deion Potter Taylor 3rd place, 98.2lb- Kaleb Kutzler 1st, Tyler Brest 3rd place


61.7lb- Parker Syth 4th place; 68lb- Benjamin Carlsen 3rd place; 120.6lb- Garrett Strauser 1st place; 138.4lb- Caleb Kleinke 3rd, Shanich Panter 4th place


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