County Agent Update

Tree Pruning

With March upon us, we are in the perfect time to prune our trees and shrubs. Late winter to early spring is ideal because the tree is still dormant. Both deciduous and coniferous can be trimmed right now with no damaging results. One reason to do trimming is for safety reasons, physical and driving safety. Removing low hanging branches will help keep pathways clean and removing dead branches can prevent injuries from falling branches. The other reason to remove branches is for driving safety, removing branches from driver’s line of sight. Keeping signs and intersections with a clear line of site is important. The next reason to prune trees and shrubs is to remove diseased. Throughout the previous summer if you noticed diseases branches, right now is the perfect time to clean out your trees and branches. Removing the branches 10-12 inches below the infected area will help prevent the disease from spreading. If you are cleaning out diseased and healthy branches at the same time, cleaning off the saw with an alcohol solution will keep the disease from spreading to healthy branches. North Dakota State University Extension Service has a publication out called Basic Guidelines for Pruning Trees and Shrubs, if you would like a copy with the above and more information please call the extension office at 701-577-4595.


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