Local XTO Office Donates $100,000 Towards The Boys & Girls Club Of Richland County's New Club House

In 2013, XTO executives granted the Club its first payment of $50,000 in January of 2014 with subsequent donations in September 2014 and July 2015. XTO received naming rights to one of the five classrooms within the Club design.

On behalf of XTO, public relations agent Lynn Welker, asked the Club to name Classroom A as the 'XTO ENERGY STEM Lab'. STEM represents Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Boys & Girls Club of Richland County employees programs that fall under the STEM category. My.future (formerly Tech Club) encompasses computer technology like programming, building robots and understanding how using technology benefits individual learning growth. Another aspect of STEM used is learning about chemical interactions and reactions with science experiments using household items. "To see our videos on Harry Potter potions go to our Facebook page: 'Boys & Girls Club of Richland County, MT' and Like US!, " Janelle Buxbaum, Operational Program Manager at BGCRC.

"The XTO Energy STEM Lab is where the kids will be able to learn all of these aspects of the STEM education movement rather than the limitations due to our current location," says Michele Seadeek, Resource Development Director at the Club.

The Club design includes five unique classroom settings: XTO Energy STEM Lab (Technology classroom), Classroom B, Tri-County Implement, Classroom D, and the Dayton/Svarre Teen Center. The design will be on display at the Boys & Girls Club annual event on April 2 at the Event Center.


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