MCTM Regional Math Meet March 8th

Listed below are the individual winners, sorted by grade and by test.

7th grade: Number Concept Test: Gunner Rasmussen from Plentywood and Darian Holecek from Westby

Pot Luck Test: Gunner Rasmussen from Plentywood

Foundations Test: Brianna Brost from Sidney

8th grade: Pot Luck Test: Macey Seadeek from Fairview, Alyssa Hurst and Jay Yoder from Plentywood, Gracie Phelps from Sidney, and Aspen Hanson from Glendive

Number Concept Test: Jayden Hunt and Emily Jacobson from Glendive

Dimensions & Shapes Test: Jay Yoder from Plentywood

9th grade: Applied Test: Elizabeth Shannon and Alex Young from Fairview, Kayla Hagen from Plentywood and Kiana Miller from Savage

Dimensions & Shapes Test: Shanyn Reidle from Sidney Public Schools

Problem Solving Test: Alex Wiens from Plentywood and Nathan Blankenship from Circle

10th grade: Applied Test: Joe Mindt from Sidney

Problem Solving Test: Joe Mindt from Sidney and Lucas Shefelbine from Circle

Intermediate Test: Joe Mindt from Sidney and Jonas Carillo and Nate Harris from Plentywood

11th grade: Finite Test: Madison Thiessen from Sidney Public Schools

Advanced Test: Parker Serio and Ally Bummer from Plentywood

Intermediate Test: Ally Bummer from Plentywood

Senior Test: James Connor from Glendive

Scholarship Test: Macy Kirkaldie from Culbertson and Chris Balikian from Medicine Lake

12th grade: Finite Test: Nathan Beeber from Glendive and Wyatt Johnson from Plentywood

Advanced Test: Tami Cazier from Westby

Intermediate Test: Harmonie Hampton from Sidney Public Schools

Senior Test: Nathan Beeber from Glendive

Scholarship Test: Austin Nielsen from Plentywood


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