Sidney Family Asks for Community Support for the Great Bike Giveaway​

The Great Bike Giveaway has begun and we are asking for your support. We have registered our son in the Great Bike Giveaway, which gives adaptive equipment bikes to kids with special needs.

Owen is two and a half years old and lives with his mom, dad, older brother, and older sister. He was born with OEIS Complex, part of his condition being spina bifida and scoliosis; he has muscle weakness and decreased sensation in his lower extremities and on the left side of his body. His only fully functioning limb is his right arm and he can’t support his body weight therefore he doesn’t walk or crawl in the traditional sense. He gets around small areas by dragging himself primarily with his right arm and using his right leg as an assist. Mobility has always been an issue for our little man and as he grows we become more reliant on adaptive equipment to give him mobility and independence. The thought of him being able to enjoy a bike ride with the wind blowing through his hair is exciting because at the end of the day, physical limitations or not, he wants to GO! This bike would be great for Owen because it’s something that he could use for years to come and we would be able to use the wheelchair independently also. Because of the severity of his scoliosis, it takes a lot of energy for him to sit up and keep his balance; we also have issues keeping him comfortable in car seats, high chairs, and infant bike seats because they aren’t designed for kids with spinal curvature.

The goal of the contest is to raise enough funds to give all 600 kids in the contest the bike they’ve registered for, however, if this goal isn’t met, the registrant in each bike model category with the most votes will automatically win a bike. Any registrant with 100 or more votes will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win.

Please visit to vote for Owen and donate to this amazing cause. We are very grateful for this opportunity and wish all the best to everyone who is taking part in the Great Bike Giveaway!


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