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Montana Farmers Union Announces Application Process For Women's Leadership Program


Great Falls, MT - Montana Farmers Union Announces the launch of a women’s leadership cohort program. The program, Centra, will utilize in-depth training through a mentorship program.

Successful applicants will be paired with a female mentor with similiar background. Careful planning will ensure that best efforts are made to couple participants with like-minded mentors that have served as leaders within Montana Farmers Union. After receiving training throughout the first year, participants will then serve as mentors for the first year cohort in the following year.

Participants and mentors will meet face to face four times per year and receive training in three areas of focus. Attendance is required for all dates so please check your schedule prior to submitting an application.

There will be three areas of training focus. After the first orientation meeting, ladies will learn valuable communication skills that will benefit them in leadership positions in their communities. We will focus on issues and solutions as we learn about policy and how it drives organizations in making changes on the state and national levels. In the final meeting of the year, participants will attend the 2017 MFU Women’sConference for personal and professional development.

Applicants must be MFU members ($50 annually) and be available for all scheduled program dates. Applications are due April 15 and must include a participation fee of $100. Should your application not be selected for participation, the participation fee will be returned to you. MFU will provide mileage reimbursement, lodging and meals for participation in program dates.

For more details on the Centra program, including information on the application process, application deadline and program training schedule, contact Education Director Delisa Protsman at 406-452-6406 or


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