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For years the GOP has controlled the Montana Legislature, and the Democrats have fought against them. Prior to this partisan divide both parties worked together for the greater good of all Montanans. This is no longer the case. Instead of both parties working together for the good of the people, they have focused primarily on the needs of their respective parties. When you have politicians that are more willing to vote to satisfy their party’s agenda rather than what is best for the people you HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM. This system is obviously not working- especially when we have underfunded schools, roads in ill repair, and residents moving away at an alarming rate. What we can do to fix this is to send an individual to Helena that is willing to work for the people and isn’t afraid to tell the party NO. I am this individual. Some folks in the community are concerned with my age. Let me say this. I was seventeen when I joined the Marines- as a veteran I have proven that I am willing to work for the people. I owned two successful businesses before the age of 26 and I am currently working on a degree from Western Governors University. If I am elected, I believe we can bring back the spirit of Eastern Montana. Obviously being older and being part of the “Good Old Boy” network is not working for Eastern Montana. It is high time that the good people of Senate District 18 elect someone who will represent THEIR needs in Helena- and not fall into partisan politics or outside agendas. I am looking forward to being that Representative for you here in Eastern Montana.

-Casey Lee Brock


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