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Sidney Reynolds Market Wins Awards


The Sidney Reynolds store won Outstanding Store of the Year.

Reynolds Market stores were the recent winners of corporate awards for their outstanding achievements within the F.T. Reynolds Company. F.T. Reynolds Co. chose to present the Golden Fox and Silver Fox awards to give recognition to store employees for their exceptional performance in areas of presentation, quality, customer satisfaction, cleanliness, variety and, most importantly, in providing value to their guests.

Nearly a century ago Reynolds Market was founded on the principle of serving the community as a hometown grocer. In March 1925, Frank T. Reynolds established the F.T. Reynolds Co. In August of that same year, he formed a partnership with John T. Marman Sr., who had been managing J.M. Sawyer Grocery in Glendive. Reynolds and Marman expanded by opening a second store in Sidney at that time.

Before long, the F.T. Reynolds Co. had stores in Miles City, Circle, Richey, Terry, two stores in Glendive, and Sidney. Over time the stores' locations have changed, but the values remain the same. Currently, there are five stores located in Baker, Glasgow, Glendive, Sidney and Miles City.

Reynolds and Marman, with their strong work ethic and keen business sense, have produced a company that has stood the test of time. F.T. Reynolds Co. wanted the opportunity to recognize the individuals who emulate the values that built the store's foundation as we look to the future.

F.T. Reynolds Co. Corporate Vice President Ken Schell visits each of the five stores quarterly to evaluate using criteria that F.T. Reynolds Co. finds as important to running a good hometown grocery store. These categories include, but are not limited to, the department being clean and well stocked, prices are clearly marked, temperatures of freezers are monitored, departments are staffed appropriately and customer service is always at the top of the checklist. Everything revolves around providing the best value to store customers while working toward department goals.

"I have seen incredible improvements in our stores this past year," says Schell. "I'm excited for what the future holds at Reynolds Market while building the best shopping experience for our customers." And these improvements are already in full swing. One expansion is the use of digital media to better interact with store guests. Using different avenues to network with customers allows Reynolds Market to build long-lasting relationships with community members. A growing presence on Facebook, an active and newly designed website, and a bimonthly e-newsletter are already up and running.

Reynolds Market customers are a source of valuable input. One area is increasing access to healthier food options. Most recently, a survey on our produce departments was taken to aid us in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our current produce offering and gain an understanding of the expectations when it comes to fresh produce. "Each store will now have organic options, including an ever-growing organic produce section. Reynolds Market listens to its customers and will continue to offer health tips, recipes and food facts in both print and digital communication," said John Reynolds, F.T. Reynolds chairman of the board.

Reynolds has and will continue to engage with the community. Whether it is holiday celebrations, giveaways, or just a friendly conversation in the aisle, Reynolds Market is here to provide shoppers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

F.T. Reynolds Awards:

Outstanding Store of the Year – Sidney

Outstanding Store of the Year (Honorable Mention) – Miles City

Golden Fox Awards include:

Center Store - Baker

Bakery Department - Miles City

Produce Department - Sidney

Deli Department - Sidney

Meat Department - Sidney

Silver Fox Awards include:

Produce Department – Baker

Deli Department - Baker

Center Store - Glendive

Meat Department - Glendive

Bakery Department - Sidney

Plus it Up Awards:

Reynolds Market stores also achieved great honors by winning awards in multiple categories through Associated Food Stores' Plus it Up Awards. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Associated Food Stores, the largest wholesale distributor to almost 500 independently owned supermarkets in eight states. They go beyond delivering groceries to independent members, but enable stores like Reynolds Market to compete against national chains and become successful supermarkets.

The Plus it Up Awards recognize retailers within the greater Associated Food Stores conglomerate who have gone above and beyond in their marketing and merchandising efforts. They honor the hard work and dedication in digital marketing, exclusive brands and department displays, promotions, store events and other marketing and merchandising activities. Selected by industry leaders and their peers, winners of the Plus it Up Award represent the best of the best and future of retail marketing and merchandising.

Awards won by Reynolds Market include:

Best Social Media Campaign – Jim the Christmas Hot Dog (Miles City)

Best Email Marketing Campaign – Welcome to the 1st Ever Reynolds Market Newsletter (Reynolds Market Stores)

Best Community Outreach Program/Event – Healthy Snack Drive (Sidney)

Best Grand Opening, Remodel or Anniversary Event – 90 Days Celebrating 90 Years (Reynolds Market Stores)

Best in Show, Large Store – Jim the Christmas Hot Dog (Miles City)

Honorable Mentions include:

Best Social Media Campaign – A Christmas Battle (Sidney)

Best Fresh Campaign/Display – Dipped Strawberries (Sidney)


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