Girls Scout Troop #2358 Proceeds Benefit Boys & Girls Club


Girls Scout Troop #2358 led by Jenna Donahue had a bake sale. The scouts came together and decided to take their proceeds and donate it to Boys & Girls Club of Richland County. “Jenna Donahue called me and said that the girls wanted to make this donation to the Club and I thought wow, what a selfless act by these young ladies,” says Michele Seadeek, BGC Development Director. According to the Club, this donation will help provide Back-A-Kid scholarship funds for the summer camps provided by the Club.

Many Boys & Girls Club members are involved in dance, gymnastics, scouts, hockey, and a variety of other activities outside of the Club. “When clubs and organizations work toward a goal like this troop’s bake sale, the youth issues facing Richland County grow smaller day by day,” says Elaine Stedman, CEO of the Club. “The troop’s donation is a great example of the giving that our children are learning. Which is a great benefit to our society.”

To learn more about Boys & Girls Club of Richland County Back – A – Kid Scholarships or the Clubhouse plans go to or call 406-433-6763.


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