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Brought to the public by the Roundup Newspaper, a free-opinion blog in which citizens can submit anonymous submissions involving the MonDak Area. The website is called The MonDak Yak and can be found at

The purpose of this website is to provide the public a source where they can anonymously provide their opinion on any sort of matter; whether it is a good or bad business experience, who they want to vote for this coming election and why, religious beliefs, personal thoughts, and anything that may come to mind where you want the public to see but may not want to share openly with a group of friends.

There are many ways you can submit to The MonDak Yak. There is the contact page found on the website, messaging the Facebook page, or simply emailing

The MonDak Yak does censor all submissions. The website will not accept discriminating, vulgar, inappropriate and bullying posts. All submissions have to be submitted by email or through the contact form before being posted. Posts discriminating against a single person, race, or religious view will not be accepted. If someone submits an article that does fit these guidelines, Admin will send an email explaining why it will not be posted and/or work with you to change the story so it can be posted.

Also, if someone feels like they may not be the best writer, lead Admin of the site will work closely with them and write the story so that they can get their opinion heard.

So far the blog has already received personal opinion submissions on marriage, loud vehicles in the Shopko parking lot, and most recent; a submission on the athletic systems in small towns.

Be sure to check out, and comment on posts or submit to


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