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No Time For Dirty Politics In House District 35 Race


On Saturday, May 14th, as I was out campaigning, I received word that negative campaign mailers were arriving in mailboxes across Richland County attacking my opponent, Scott Staffanson. These mailers were sent out by a third-party group named “Montanans for Responsible Leadership” that I have never heard of before. They were very unfair to Mr. Staffanson. I wanted to take a minute to condemn in the strongest terms possible these negative, smear tactic and attack mailers by this group.

For those of you who know me and who have been following this campaign, you know that I have been running a clean campaign and been focused on the issues and how to best help the communities within House District 35, covering Richland County. Montanans expect their leaders to have healthy discussions about important issues, and even where there are genuine disagreements on issues, this too can be healthy for our democratic process.

The mailers that people received on Saturday play into the very things people hate about politics and turn people off from being involved. I believe these kind of personal attack, low blow, cheap shot, unfair and dirty politics are wrong and I hope you’ll join me in condemning these. Let’s keep this campaign clean and focused on the issues important to our district, like infrastructure, agriculture, economic development and education. There is no place for negative politics in Richland County.


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