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The Montana's Outdoor Legacy Foundation Contributes $5,000


The Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation (MTOLF) contributes $5,000 to help launch the fundraising efforts for the Gartside Fishing Access Site Enhancement Project through the 2015 Sidney Leadership Class. Development of this project was created and spearheaded by Duane Beiber, Michele Seadeek and Anil Kara with oversight by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Montana gives us open spaces, wildlife, adventure, the opportunity to get away and places where we can reconnect to nature. “Keeping people engaged in outdoor recreation-and helping to ensure that future generations will also be engaged-is the core of our mission” said Jane Ratzlaff, President of Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation. “Gartside Fishing Access is a perfect fit for us and we are excited about helping to spearhead this effort. Public access plays a large role in the ability to get into the outdoors and as our state’s population expands, that becomes more critical.”

The Gartside Reservoir is located within Richland County south of Sidney, MT. The 44 acres of public and leased land has provided recreational options for many years. It offers a wide variety of activities from seasonal game fishing and recreational uses for boating (manual or electric troll only), kayaking and swimming; while the surrounding area is used for hiking, picnicking, and daytrips. Currently there is one official designated recreation area and entrance; however, there is an undeveloped visitor created access road that ends in a turnaround area. Due to its proximity to a grassy marsh, it is a prime place for a kayak entrance and would enhance access for fishing. More picnic areas could be created and improvements made to the current area used for parking and turnaround. In addition, two more picnic areas could be added on the small overlook-one on the upper area and the other on the lower outcrop- with added parking for a maximum of three cars. An informational trail sign about the reservoir could be added at the lower outcropping in the picnic area. These improvements would enhance the opportunity for more families and groups to enjoy this special area. However, it will only be possible if private donors step up to make it happen.

While Montana is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise full of prairies, forests, water, cliffs, valleys, wildlife and flora, we have taken for granted that we will be able to walk out our door and enjoy all our state has to offer anytime we choose. Times are changing and we simply must pay more attention to preserving our access points to Montana’s amazing outdoors. The memories we make, surrounded by Montana’s breathtaking scenery, are priceless. MTOLF invites you to invest in Sidney’s newest access point today and help create a space at Gartside for memories waiting to happen!

To donate to this great cause, please contact Michele Seadeek at 620-767-2823 or Kristin Kennedy at the Sidney Chamber at (406) 433-1916 or mail donations to Sidney Chamber at 909 S Central Ave, Sidney, MT 59270.


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