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Sidney School Board Members,

We are writing this letter in support of Mr. Ross Hall, the activities director at Sidney High School. We believe Mr. Hall is truly an asset to our community and we encourage the school board to change their vote and follow the recommendation to rehire Mr. Hall.

The commitment to our community that Ross exhibits is inspiring. Mr. Hall is involved on many boards in our community including the Active Richland County, Richland Community Complex, the Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Sidney’s recreation board. He is visible in all sporting events in our high school and middle school programs. He truly wants to bring more to our community and help our children see a positive future.

As parents of athletes we feel good leadership and cooperation in an activities director are vital. When we are scheduling events he is open to ideas and is supportive in needs of our kids. Mr. Hall has been a genuine pleasure to work with our athletes. He is concerned with the total athlete and all of their school activities and education. We know that he cares about each person and their family and he has always expressed that education comes first.

Ross knows the value of offering athletics and the goals and life lessons that a sport can give a child.

In this world today we need our children to be active in positive avenues. Our view is to keep every student in activities and sports to encourage a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Ross has shown our community openness by offering more to keep our kids active. We are very grateful for his help and his attitude to bring us a healthier community.

In the wrestling community we can say that in the last couple years with Ross’s approval, positive attitude, and commitment, he has helped our local high school tournament grow into one of the most competitive in the state, if not in the nation. This is a testament to his work ethic. He was actually working as a janitor at some of our tournaments and he has helped to setup and tear down because there was a shortage of help in the school. We have also been able to see our athletes grow with the after school weight lifting program. How do you get more kids involved and off the streets and out of trouble? You build successful programs that students want to be a part of. The positive building that has occurred under Mr. Hall’s overseeing, with the collaboration of our coaches, is commendable. Our student athlete’s grades are also trending upward and there are new safety programs for concussion that he has implemented. He has brought state tournaments to Sidney. He has shown the state that we can host tournaments successfully and the positive economic impacts that these tournaments have on our community are great. He has opened minds up in the West and to the MHSA that they can travel to us. Ross started a process to build a “Hall of Fame” in Sidney to honor the accomplishments of our past athletes and coaches. We feel he should have the opportunity to implement his vision.

We cannot ignore these facts. We need to thank Mr. Hall for his commitment.

We sincerely request that Mr. Hall has the opportunity to continue to be part of the success at Sidney High School.  He is an asset in our community. On behalf of all of our parents and athletes, we support Mr. Ross Hall.

Sidney Wrestling Club

President – Pat Gustafson, Vice-President – Shawn Becker, Secretary – Monica Waters, Treasurer- Lisa Gorder, Registration – Janelle Jensen, Head Coach – Ty Graves, Past Head Coach – Shane Gorder, Referees – Terry Williams, Jesse Williams, Past Referee – Curt Williams


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