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Fairview Graduates 20 Students During Ceremony


Fairview valedictorian Cole Berry delivers his address.

Fairview's Class of 2016 featuring 20 students heard words regarding the value of all individuals during graduation ceremonies Saturday.

Kevin Clausen, former teacher and coach at Fairview High School, told graduates to never believe that it doesn't matter how you treat others. He said to forgive and love others at their lowest points.

Clausen said the most successful environments are those where everybody feels they are valuable. "Unfortunately, we live in a world that hasn't heard that."

He added the right road is often the toughest route. "We all have regrets. That's OK, it's a positive thing if we learn from it." He noted to never underestimate the power of apology.

Clausen, who lost his own mother at a young age, talked about how Fairview Warrior moms do anything for their kids, school and community. "Hug your mom. Take the photo for them. Put the phone down, you can never get the time back."

Fairview salutatorian KateLyn Mocko gives her speech on Saturday.

Valedictorian Cole Berry and salutatorian KateLyn Mocko also provided inspiring words.

Citing Steve Martin from "The Jerk," Berry said everbody has a value and a purpose.

Berry reminded his classmates to don't expect a free ride from anybody, open doors for others, say please, don't cheat and don't lie. Berry added there are times to be serious "and times when we need just a little more cowbell."

Mocko urged her classmates to learn about life in whatever path they take in their lives. She said they need to deal with failure and motivate themselves through failure.

It's important to not allow negative comments from others to stop your dreams. "Don't make the mistake of not making any mistakes," Mocko said. "Risk is the key to rewards in life."


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