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Survey Shows Residents Are Against Regulations


According to a poll conducted by Moore information for the Montana Chamber of Commerce, most residents are against restrictions proposed by the EPA. The poll is the result of 800 telephone interviews conducted during February.

Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s new power plant emissions regulations, 59 percent of those polled said the state should fight the federal government about the regulations. There was 28 percent who supported the plan while 13 percent were in the “don’t know” category.

As far as Montana infrastructure spending, 48 percent feels the state isn’t funding infrastructure enough while 38 percent said funding was about right. Of those polled, 57 percent said the state of Montana’s infrastructure is in excellent or pretty good shape while 41 percent regard it as not so good/pretty bad.

A strong 77 percent feel that businesses get things done more effectively than the government.

Regarding an increase in a state gas tax, 47 percent are agreeable to up to a 5 cents increase while 30 percent are agreeable to a 10 cents increase to pay for road/highways/bridges improvements.

A large majority, 90 percent, feel Montana has strong academic standards.


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