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Clerk Of Courts Says It's Important To Return Jury Duty Questionnaires


Although it’s not exactly the type of mail that people are excited to receive, Richland County District Clerk of Courts Janice Klempel stresses that it’s important to return information regarding jury duty.

Klempel’s office recently mailed out 2,000 questionnaires for qualifications for jury service to area residents. She explains a new jury pool is created to serve from July 1 to June 30.

“Every year, the names are drawn randomly,” Klempel said. “A new jury pool is selected each year.”

Klempel added it’s very important for people to fill out the questionnaires and return them to their office. She estimates about 20 percent of those who receive the mailing don’t return the questionnaires.

“But they still can get called for jury duty,” Klempel said, but then court officials need to complete the individual’s information at that point.

She noted anyone registered to vote or having a Richland County address can get selected for jury duty. “It used to be just registered voters,” Klempel added.

Of the 1,500 Richland County residents receiving jury duty information last year, each one was called to serve. “We used everyone out of the panel,” Klempel said.

She explains usually 100 potential jurors are called for a trial. Out of that number, the judge usually selects 12 jurors and one alternate.


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