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Council Approves Statements


Phase I of Sidney’s three-phase sewer lagoon project has been working well for more than a year, according to Sidney’s city officials.

That opinion became an official statement when the city council members agreed to send out a closing out phase letter and an affirmative certification to state authorities.

“After one year of operation, a certification to the state is needed that it’s been working for a year,” Pat Murtagh, Murtagh Municipal Engineers, told council members. “Phase I is done and it’s been a year of operations.”

Earlier in the city council meeting, Murtagh requested an outfall permit for the lagoon project. He said diverting some water to the Yellowstone River would save the city between $1.5 and $2 million.

The council unanimously approved the proposal.

Former Sidney City Council member Bill Linder asked the council where the money was coming from to pay for phase II of the project.

Mayor Rick Norby explained the city is using money from the state’s revolving loan fund, the last sewer rate increase and also impact funds.

The council officially accepted the resignation of council member Deb Gilbert, who was a council member for 15 years.

“With a lot of regret, we do accept this,” Norby said.

Norby plans to request the council at the July 5 meeting to start seeking a replacement for Gilbert in Ward II. The council should appoint a replacement within 30 days.

Council member Tami Christensen said the parks and recreation committee met with swim team officials on June 15 to discuss the current swim pool dock for meets. “It’s old and heavy,” Christensen said of the current dock. The agreement is to use the current dock until purchasing a new one within five years.

The council approved camping requirements in regards to the swim team’s home meet on July 16-17.

A committee meeting will be scheduled to handle the SID 104 boundary line relocation for Mayo Subdivision and Hilltop Enterprises.

Council member Dan Smith mentioned complaints regarding small garbage cans left on sidewalks and garbage flying on the streets.

Norby said the city’s ordinance allows a garbage can to be left out no longer than overnight.


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