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County's Covering Probation Officer Duties


After seeing the departure of the area’s misdemeanor probation officer, Richland County has decided to go a different direction to cover the responsibilities.

Richland County Attorney Mike Weber requested the commissioners agree to a professional service contract with Compliance Monitoring System of Missoula to cover the position.

Weber said the company will hire for the position. He noted the misdemeanor probation officer will live in the area and that Richland County will supply the individual’s office space. The interviewing process has started.

Commissioners approved the total expense of $57,214, which includes salary and benefits.

Weber explained to commissioners that if they become unhappy with the arrangement, only 60 days notice is required to leave the program.

In addition, commissioners approved a jail alternative program to help supervise defendants.

“The good news is they (defendants) will be subject to some serious monitoring,” Weber said.

That monitoring could include ankle monitors with GPS features

“Usually defendants are restricted to Richland County unless sometimes if it’s work related,” Weber said. “It’s basically using technology to keep track of defendants.”


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