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By Tim Fine 

Farmers Market Begins In Sidney On July 2


It is all downhill from here. Even though we are only weeks into summer, the longest day of the year has passed and slowly but surely our evenings will consist of less time we can spend in the sunshine. However, to look on the bright side of things shorter length of daylight means (hopefully) more evenings with prolonged cooler temperatures.

Since summer is in full swing that also means that we are hitting the peak of our growing season.And to this point, I would have to say that the growing season hasn’t been all that bad. Yes we could use some more moisture but we are definitely racking up the heat units and growing degree days. Which means that not only are our agronomic crops doing well but gardens around Richland County should also be growing well.

And speaking of gardens and the fresh produce that comes from them, our local Farmer’s Market will be starting up again very soon.

July 2 will be the first day for the Richland County Farmer’s Market this year and there are some changes that will be implemented to hopefully make the market a more attractive venue.

The biggest change is location. This year, the market will be moved to the parking lot just east of the Richland County Public Library on the corner of 2nd Street NW and 2nd Avenue NW.

The market will still open at 7:30 a.m. and will remain open until noon (or until the vendors run out of produce, whichever comes first).

As always, the Richland County Farmers Market is open to anyone who would like to participate. The only requirement is that you must contact the Richland County Sanitarian’s office for an application.

The application specifically states the food products that can be sold at the market and also lists items that are prohibited for sale. You can reach the Sanitarian’s office by contacting the Richland County Health Department at 406-433-2207. These restrictions only apply to vendors selling fresh produce and other food items, if you would like to sell crafts, you are welcome to participate in the market as well. The only restriction with crafts is that they must be made by the vendor or made by items purchased by the vendor. Direct sellers or those pedaling wares for a business will not be permitted.

As always, if you have questions in regards to the Farmers Market, you are welcome to give me a call at 433-1206 or send an email to Whether you want to participate by selling your goods or participate by purchasing someone else’s goods, you are welcome to come. The first Farmer’s Market will begin July 2 and it will be open every Saturday (except the Saturday of the Richland County Fair, Aug. 6) until we get our first hard frost and the growing season has ended.


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