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Sidney City Council Approves 1.6% Wage Increase for City Employees


At Sidney’s City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 5th, Resolution 3725 was approved increasing the hourly wage of city employees by 1.6% for fiscal year 2017. It was also decided that the city clerk would be a salary position, rather than an hourly as it has been in the past.

Having a time clock at City Hall was also approved by council members, which will be utilized by in-office staff only.

A tentative meeting was discussed for August 22nd when all necessary people are available to approve the budget.

The council is looking for someone to fill the Ward II seat by July 20th, formerly held by Deb Gilbert who recently resigned.

Police Chief Frank DiFonzo requested that the noise ordinance proposal be reduced from 10 pages down to 3 pages and he and City Attorney Joel Krautter will collaborate to meet that goal.

Work will begin on the South Meadow Softball Field on August 1st in preparation for the Class A Softball tournament that Sidney will host in 2017.

American Tower has offered to buy out the local cell tower with a one-time payment; the company currently rents the tower, paying the city for its use each month, however the current contract will be up in 2017. Director of Public Works Jeff Hintz recommended that the street and alley committee research the proposal.

An amendment to the AE2S contract is under consideration; the amendment would include adding geotechnical work to the preliminary design of the new water plant.


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