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Schepens Chosen as Montana State 4-H Ambassador


Pictured is Taylor Schepens with her 4-H market steer along with her other projects in sewing, quilting and woodwork.

Seventeen year old Taylor Schepens, daughter of Robert Schepens and Lacey Nevins of Sidney is excited to present her 4-H projects at this year's county fair to be held in Sidney, MT., August 3-6.

With a lot of encouragement from her stepdad Matt Nevins and his family, at age 9, Taylor became a member of 4-H. Matt and his family had been previously involved with the group and knew it would be a great opportunity and good experience. Taylor's younger brother Trey also became a member when he was old enough. One of Taylor's most memorable experiences with 4-H was her first State Congress competition where she met new people and formed new friendships that have lasted throughout the years.

Currently Taylor has been actively working on her projects in sewing, woodworking, quilting and her favorite project, her market steer, which will be featured at the Richland County Fair this year. Along with those projects she has also been involved in Junior Leaders, a group within 4-H that does community services and helps local families in need. Taylor is also a county ambassador for the county level of 4-H but her most exciting 4-H accomplishment has been being chosen as a Montana State 4-H ambassador. Taylor applied for this position, went through a two day interview process and competed with 14 other candidates who had also applied. She is now one of five members of the Montana Extension Advisory Committee or MEAC, who are evenly spread throughout the state. As part of MEAC she and the other four members will be responsible for planning the 4-H state events like fall training for the county level ambassadors and State Congress. State congress is a state wide competition where members of 4-H stay in the dorms at MSU-Bozeman and bring projects of their choice to compete with. They participate in a day of workshops and finish each day with a dance. Also as a MEAC member, Taylor is extremely excited to soon be visiting county fairs across the state to help the local extension agents.

When asked how 4-H has influenced her life, she replied, "I think 4-H has changed me as a person. I don't think I'd be the same person I am today without it. 4-H is like a big family I can always count on when going through tough times." She also stated that 4-H has helped her shape her plans for the future.

Taylor's future plans are to attend school in Minot, ND., or Billings, MT., where she plans to major in social work with a minor in psychology. She hopes to focus her involvement on making sure kids are being treated properly and are in good homes. Taylor said, "Having the opportunity to work with the different age groups and become a role model for them is what has put my plans for the future in perspective for me."


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