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Middle School Math Teacher Receives ONEOK Grant to Purchase iPads


Pictured from left to right are 7th grade math teacher Kaitlin Bell, Operations Specialist with ONEOK Heather VanGelder, 6th grade math teacher and grant recipient Cara Lokken-Frandsen, Nick Frandsen, Curriculum Coordinator/Title 1 Director/Assessment Coordinator Thom Barnhart, and Suttyn Barnhart

Junior high math teacher Cara Lokken-Frandsen accepted a $4,500 grant from Oneok on Wednesday, Aug. 3. The grant will be used to purchase ten iPads along with math related apps that will be used to engage students in more interactive learning in the classroom.

Up to four iPads at a time can be viewed on one smart board, and Frandsen plans to have her students work in pairs and teams, creating an opportunity for more engaged learning and problem solving.

"These iPads will give kids a chance to challenge each other in the classroom and I am very excited to begin using them this school year," she commented.

Frandsen applied for the grant after learning from Superintendent Dan Farr that Oneok was looking for a way to support local schools. Use of the iPads will be extended to all of the math teachers at Sidney Junior High School, as well as being utilized during an after school tutorial math class. Frandsen expects that the interactive tools will cut down on the amount of math drills assigned as homework.

"I want students to be excited about math class; this will be a fun new tool I can use to teach them the necessary material," said Frandsen.

The goal of Oneok's Public School Grants is to improve the educational experience for K-12 students in public schools and to cultivate and enhance relationships with community leaders while improving public education. 


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