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CuddleCot Helps Couple Say Good Bye


On August 4,2016. I had the opportunity to speak with Allison Picard. Allison has held fundraisers to be able to bring Sidney and Williston a product called the CuddleCot. CuddleCot is made by the trading name Flexmort of Roftek Ltd. which is based out of Birmingham, UK. The CuddleCot is a cooling pad that keeps the body of the deceased cool longer so that the families of the deceased may have a longer period of time with their loved one before the morgue takes the body.

Allison and her husband Jassen Picard suffered the loss of their daughter Lilia Faith Picard on August 19, 2014 before this product was available in the area and also knew of a few other couples who had lost children to various forms of fetal demise and ultimately decided to bring this product here. She came in contact with Erica McCauley who is also part of the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation, which introduces remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraits. Erica raised the funds to get a CuddleCot in Minot, ND and gave what was left over to Allison who believe swhole heartedly it would bring some semblance of closure to the bereaving families.

Flexmort is the manufacturer of the CuddleCot which has been internationally recognized across the world as significantly helping parents who suffer the loss of a baby. Dealing with the death of a baby is clearly an incredibly difficult event for parents and bereaved parents should be given the option of spending time with their baby. Providing families time through the use of the CuddleCot is internationally encouraged by midwives, bereavement practitioners, still birth/neonatal charities, and academics. Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby; whether changing a nappy, dressing the baby, taking photographs or simply just staying close, this unquestionably helps families in dealing with their loss.

The problem is that in a warm room the baby's condition can deteriorate quickly, therefore cooling the baby is absolutely essential. Transferring to and from the morgue is now widely regarded as an outdated practice as it is traumatic for parents to repeatedly go through the separation process whereas the CuddleCot allows the family to spend every moment with their baby, precious moments where every minute counts.

Any sort of loss of a loved one is difficult and but now with the help of this product it will help with the familes who suffer from their baby being a stillborn, lose a child to one of the many forms of fetal demise, it can even bring some sort of comfort to families who would simply like a little more time with their loved one.

Allison asks that any donations be sent to the Ramsey Keller Foundation. Their info can be found at


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