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City Council Approves Combining the City Clerk & Treasurer Positions


Sidney City Council met on Tuesday, Sept. 6th and approved combining the City Clerk and Treasurer positions, with emphasis put on the need for a deputy clerk to be cross-trained. Mayor Rick Norby did comment that he has apprehensions about the responsibilities of both positions being put on one person.

“City Clerk Redfield is just assuming the responsibilities of both positions at this time; the positions will not be permanently consolidated,” commented City Attorney Joel Krautter.

City Council moved to increase fees for Phase II of the Sidney Lagoon Project by $147,000 due to the water table being higher than expected and changes in UV lighting. Western Municipal Construction is being contracted for the second phase of the project. Phase I was completed with an excess of $200,000, which will be refunded to the SFR program, to prevent paying interest on the unnecessary funds.

The police department is hiring two new officers. James Fletcher and Matthew Dockter both graduated from Basic Academy 151. The council accepted the resignation of Officer Vincent Horton.

Public Works Director Jeff Hintz discussed the need to replace the city parks’ sprinkler systems, starting with Veterans Memorial Park and possibly Quillings Park. The current sprinkler system in Veterans Memorial Park is about 30 years old, and costs the city between $800 and $900 dollars every few weeks in sprinkler heads due to the lack of water filtration. The estimated cost of the proposed project would cost about $1 per square foot.

Progress continues on the South Meadow Softball Complex. The city spent last week finishing the final dugout. New fences should be installed by mid-October in preparation for hosting the 2017 State Softball Tournament..


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