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Lead Runner for the Watford City Wolves Braedon Gumke, with a 7th place finish followed by Devin Schmitz 19th, boosted their team to a 4th place finish at the Invitational Cross Country meet on Tuesday Sept. 13th. Rounding out the scoring for the Wolves were Leon Osman 29th, Mark Pingel 33rd, and Britton Cranston 36th. The Wolves finished behind Glendive 3rd, Bowman 2nd, and Newtown in 1st with nearly a perfect score of 18.

(Photos by Kathy Taylor)

Watford City Cross Country Invite Results

Boys 3K Dash Cross Country: Colby Grindeland, fourth place, Williston Trinity Christian, 12:43.66;

Erik Casazza, fifteenth place, Watford City, 13:46.69; Gideon Campbell, nineteenth place; Watford City, 14:29.78; Evander Long, twenty-fourth place, Watford City, 15:30.78 and Neil Dahl, twenty-eighth place, Watford City, 17:47.85.

Girls 3k Dash Cross Country: Madison Namanny, twenty-seventh place Watford City, 19:29.80 and, Charlotte Belland, twenty-eighth place, Watford City, 20:16.19.

Boys 5k Dash Cross Country: Braedon Gumke, seventh place, Watford City, 17:56.26; Devin Schmitz, nineteenth place, Watford City, 18:47.42; Osman Leon, twenty-ninth place, Watford City, 19:47.43; Mark Pingel, thirty-third place, Watford City, 20:02.20; Britton Cranston, thirty-sixth place, Watford City, 20:16.40; Cauy Hartel, forty-first place, Watford City; 20:29.21; Hunter DeFoe, forty-third place, Watford City, 20:34.17; Judah Lind, forty-ninth place, Williston Trinity Christian, 21:05.96; Ethan Lyon, fifty-second place, Watford City, 21:26.37; Andrew Trotter, fifty-ninth place, Watford City, 23:12.02; Eathan Decker, sixtieth place, Williston Trinity Christian, 23:14.71; Lane Mayberry, sixty-first place, Watford City, 23:35.04 and Tanner Ponto, sixty-second place, Watford City, 25:12.24.

Kayla Ogle takes an early lead in the Watford City Cross Country Invitational on Tuesday, following close behind for Watford City is Hayley Ogle. The Two sisters finished 1st and 2nd leading the Watford City Girls team to a first place finish with a score of 84. Rounding out the scoring for the Wolves were Lindsay Peterson 26th, Kaitlyn Nokes 27th, Claire Campbell 28th and Ashley Holen 29th.

Girls 5k Dash Cross Country: Kayla Ogle, first place, Watford City, 19:28.95; Hayley Ogle, second place, Watford City, 20:27.08; Greta Eder, fifteenth place, Williston Trinity Christian, 22:42.58; Lindsay Peterson, twenty-sixth place, Watford City, 24:45.02; Kaitlyn Nokes, twenty-seventh place, Watford City, 24:54.57; Clare Campbell, twenty-eighth place, Watford City, 24:56.70; Madison Namanny, twenty-ninth place, Watford City, 25:01.78.

Varsity team results: Girls team, Watford City, first place, 84; Williston Trinity Christian, tenth place, 201. Boys team, Watford City, fifth place, 124; Williston Trinity Christian, tenth place, 295.


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