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MSU Pest Management Tour for Private Applicators


The 2016 MSU Pest Management Tour is designed as a last chance opportunity for private applicators to obtain recertification credits before the January 1deadline in PAT region 4 (eastern MT). Each program will offer 3 private applicator recertification credits for attending either the morning or afternoon sessions. A private applicator may also wish to attend both sessions to accumulate 6 recertification credits. Commercial/government applicator credits will also be offered.

Day 1, Monday October 3

Glasgow, MT: Cottonwood Inn, $15 fee at door, lunch provided. Pre-register by September 26 contact, Shelley Mills, Valley County Extension Agent call 406-228-6241 or email, [email protected]

Scobey, MT: Extension/Ambulance Training Room, 106 Railroad Ave East, $15 fee at door; catered lunch. Pre-register by September 26 contact Bobbie Roos, Daniels County Extension Agent call 406-487-2861 or email [email protected]

Day 2 - Tuesday October 4

Plentywood, MT: Sheridan County Civic Center, free lunch; $15 fee at door. Pre-register by September 27 contact Colleen Buck, Sheridan County Extension Agent call 406-765-3406 or email, [email protected]

Culbertson, MT: Froid Community Center, catered lunch; $15 fee at door. Pre-register by September 27 contact, Jeff Chilson, MSU Roosevelt County Extension Agent call 406-787-5312 or email [email protected]

Day 3 – Wednesday October 5th

Sidney: Extension Office, 1499 N. Central Ave., catered lunch available, $15 fee at door. Pre-register by September 28 contact Tim Fine, MSU Richland County Extension Agent call 406-433-1206 or email [email protected]

Circle, MT: McCone County Fairgrounds, catered lunch, $10 fee at the door. Pre-register by September 28 contact, Ken Nelson, McCone County Extension Agent call 406-485-2605, or email [email protected]

Day 4 Thursday, Oct. 6

Miles City, MT, 106 Miles Community College, lunch provided, $10 fee at door. Pre-register by September 29 contact, Mike Schuldt, MSU Custer County Extension Agent, call 406-852-3462 or email [email protected]

Baker, MT: Thee Garage, lunch provided no fee. Pre-registration mandatory by September 29, contact Elin Kittelman, Fallon/Carter County Extension Agent call 406-778-7110 or email [email protected]

Day 5 – Friday October 7

Jordan, MT: County Meeting Room, Old Grade School Building, lunch provided, $10 fee at door. Pre-register by September 30 contact Eric Miller, MSU Garfield County Extension Agent call 406-557-2770 or email, [email protected]

Forsyth, MT: Haugo Center (Riverview Villa Retirement Center; 91 Rosebud Street), Forsyth, free lunch provided, no fee at the door. Pre-register by October 1, contact Melissa Ashley, MSU Rosebud/Treasure County Extension Agent call 406-346-7320 or email: [email protected]


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