Beware of this Recent Fundraising Scam


A scam was reported to police by a local business last week. The business was called by a Alex Baldwin with Touchdown Sports who told them that they had worked with organizations out of Billings, MT and in the surrounding area. They were currently doing fundraising for Sidney Eagles boys and girls basketball teams, and would be printing 500 shirts to be sold by the cheerleaders during the games. The “representative” even mentioned the cheerleading coach by name and knew the team colors.

The “representative” went on to explain that each shirt would have the Sidney Eagles’ mascot on the front, and that they were selling ads for the back of the shirt in three different sizes, which included a larger, featured ad. The “representative” told the business that if they purchased advertising on the shirts, no other business offering the same service would be contacted.

Enticed by the unique advertising opportunity, and a chance to support local sports teams, the business agreed. The “representative” said that although the business was paying by check, a credit card would still need to be kept on file, which is not an unusual business practice. However, the business received another call, with the “representative” notifying them that the card had, in fact, been charged and that as soon as the check was received, the card would be reimbursed.

The business manager felt the call was unusual, and so contacted the cheerleading coach to confirm, however neither the cheer leading coach nor the Athletic Director knew anything about such a fundraiser. The business manager then contacted police to report the scam.

Please be aware of anyone calling under the former pretenses. If anyone feels that they have been a victim of this scam, please contact the Sidney Police Department at 406-433-2210.


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