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Johnston was Found Guilty of Deliberate Homicide & Tampering with Physical Evidence


Cody Wayne Johnston was found guilty of deliberate homicide and tampering with physical evidence on Thursday. Charges were brought against him and he was arrested by Richland County law enforcement on Sept. 24, 2015 in connection with the disappearance of his estranged girlfriend Nicole Waller. Waller was last heard from on Feb. 14, 2013 while visiting Johnston at his then-residence in Fairview, MT. Her vehicle was later found abandoned on MT State Highway 2.

Johnston testified in his own defense, admitting that he had left Waller’s vehicle alongside the highway, and that he had lied to law enforcement about his involvement and whereabouts during the initial investigation, but maintained his innocence. Cell phone records and the signals picked up by cell phone towers from Johnston’s phone during that time provided incriminating evidence that Johnston had lied about being at work on the day in question. His former co-workers had testified that Waller had asked them to lie to law enforcement and tell them that he was at work that day.

It was a fast-moving trial, and despite the fact that Waller’s body has never been recovered, the jury felt there was enough evidence to convict. Waller has not contacted her family or accessed her bank account since she was last heard from. She was also receiving medical treatment and taking medication at the time of her disappearance, and there is no evidence that she has received either since she was last heard from.

Johnston is being held in custody in Richland County until sentencing.


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