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The Mullin Family Shares 5 Generations of Farming, Ranching, & Memories


There are four generations of Mullins living on the farm. Pictured in the back row (L – R) Rick Mullin, Hayden Mullin, John Mullin, and Keeton Mullin. In the front is Jimmy Mullin.

Jimmy and Doris Mullin celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 22, surrounded by their entire family including their four children, 14 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. Family came from Colorado, Wyoming, Georgia, and all over Montana. It was a festive occasion, not only because of the accomplishment of 60 years of marriage, but also because they had everyone home to their farm outside of Lambert, where it all began.

In 1909 Jimmy Mullin's parents, William and Jessie Mullin, began homesteading a half a mile away from where the Mullin family resides today, that land being purchased in 1926. What began as a 320-acre operation is now about 4,000 acres dedicated to wheat farming and cattle ranching. The five generation farm has four generations of Mullins living and working on it: Jimmy Mullin, his son Rick Mullin, Rick's sons Steven and John Mullin, and Steven's two sons Hayden and Keeton Mullin.

In 1959 Jimmy Mullin's parents moved off of the farm; Doris Mullin, who had been raised in Sidney, recalls the adjustment to country-life.

"Keeping your pantry stocked is important, since you can't just run 30 miles into town for a couple things, but I've really enjoyed farm life. It's quiet and peaceful," she commented. "It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth every minute."

The importance of family is common with all of the Mullins. Jimmy Mullin recalls that his favorite part of growing up on the farm was the holidays, when all of his 9 siblings would come home.

Rick Mullin shares similar sentiment, "I've been here my whole life and I've enjoyed it. I remember having big get-togethers during the summer on weekends and we would play baseball and have a big family dinner."

Their 60th wedding anniversary is now another addition to their memories of big family get-togethers, complete with supper, live music, and a dance in the shop.

Rick Mullins continues to farm and ranch, which includes farming the original homestead site of William and Jessie Mullins. His sons Steven and John Mullins work alongside their father, and will be taking over the operation in the next few years when their dad retires. John also works as an oilfield pumper. Rick and his wife Anita Mullins plan to stay on the farm, and stay close to their family.

"In our later years what we've enjoyed the most is having family right here," said Doris Mullin. "What the kids have done for our anniversary is pretty nice; they do a lot for us and we appreciate all of it."


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