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Watford City Mayor Wins North Dakota Lieutenant Governor-Elect


Election Day elicited ups and downs for everyone, but for Watford City mayor and lieutenant governor-elect, Brent Sanford, it presented serious change.

Republican candidate Doug Burgum named Sanford his lieutenant governor running mate in April, and on November 8, the pair won the election with 77% of North Dakota’s votes.

Watford City councilmen and women held a meeting on November 10 to discuss the fate of the forthcoming open mayor position.

“The city council voted in favor of a special election, and that will be held on February 1, 2017,” said Watford City auditor, Peni Peterson. “Until then, the president of the council, Phil Riely, will oversee the meetings once Brent steps down.”

Sanford’s mayoral resignation is effective December 9 at 5 p.m.

Sanford owns S & S Motors in Watford City and has served as mayor since 2010. He will relocate to Bismarck to serve alongside Governor-elect Burgum.

“I can’t speak for the Sanford family on what they’re planning on doing,” Peterson said.

“What I was told is that he will be residing [in Bismarck], and his family is staying here until the end of the school year. At that time I believe they will make a decision as to what the family will do.”

Sanford was unable to be reached for comment.


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