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Sidney Gymnastics Club Competes in Milo Dullum Qualifier in Dickinson


Level 4 gymnast Allison Thiel on floor.

Sidney Gymnastics Club ventured across the border into North Dakota for their first competition of the 2016-2017 competitive season; to the "Milo Dullum Qualifier" held in the high school gym in Dickinson, ND.

Being the first competition of the season, Coaches Pat & Jan McWilliams didn't know how well the SGC gymnasts would stack up against competitors from North Dakota and Montana.

As it turned out, SGC stacked up pretty well. More like extremely well. The truth of the matter is, they came out on the top of the stack both in Level 3 and Level 4.

Level three team results, first place, Sidney Gymnastics Club 108.500; second place, Gymagic Gymnastics (Minot) 108:250; third place, Dickinson Gymnastics 105.950; fourth place, Bismarck Gymnastics 105.600; fifth place, Northern Pacific Gymnastics (Miles City) 104.500; sixth place, Dakota Star (Mandan) 102.200; seventh place, Eastern Montana (Circle) 101.250; eighth place, Devil Dog Gymnastics (Glendive) 99.550; ninth place, Western Stars 98.00.

With 7 out of 11 gymnasts in their first year of competition, the McWilliams were shooting for third place. However, two of the newcomers-Morgan Kindopp & Emma Coughlin in their first competition ever, stepped up to help "old timers" Avery Barker, Kiley Schoepp, Macy Tjelde, and Kenzie Gaffield secure the number one spot; narrowly edging Gymagic (Minot) out by 00.250.

Top Ten individual results (out of 37 athletes), SGC won 4 out of 5 individual events, sweeping the top three spots in both the uneven bars and the all around.

Vault, fitth place, Morgan Kindopp 9.250; fifth place, Macy Tjelde 9:250.

Uneven bars, first place, Emma Coughlin 9.200; second place, Morgan Kindopp 9.050; third place, Avery Barker 9.000; fifth place, Macy Tjelde 8.750; sixth place, Kylie Schoepp 8.70; tenth place, Kenzie Gaffield 8.350.

Balance beam, first place, Avery Barker 9.150; third place, Morgan Kindopp 8.750; seventh place, Emma Coughlin 8.200.

Floor exercise, first place, Avery Barker 9.300; third place, Morgan Kindopp 9.250; sixth place, Kylie Schoepp 8.900; seventh place, Emma Coughlin 8.800.

All around, first place, Avery Barker 36.600; second place, Morgan Kindopp 36.300; third place, Emma Coughlin 35.400; eighth place, Kylie Schoepp 34.800.

Level 4 results, the McWilliams have high expectations for this year's Level 4 squad, with outstanding returning athletes in Taylor McPherson, Allison Axtman, Kambre Kloker, Marleah Campbell, Allison Thiel and Riley Jimison; plus the addition of Lacie Selting.

The L4s exceeded those high expectations in Dickinson, grabbing the first place team position by more than three points over second place Minot.

Team results, first place, SGC 106.600; second place, Gymagic 103.750; third place, Dickinson 100.750; fourth place, Bismarck 99.950; fifth place, Northern Pacific 88.900; sixth place, Devil Dog Gymnastics 85.550

Marleah Campbell and Taylor Shone first place and second place in the AA. Like the L3s, the L4s won all but one individual event; with Campbell taking two event titles; McPherson one event title, and Kloker one event title.

Top Ten individual results (out of 43 athletes).

Vault, first place, Marleah Campbell 9.00; second place, Allison Thiel 8.500; fourth place, Kambre Kloker 8.900; sixth place, Taylor McPherson 8.750; eighth place, Riley Jimison 8.600.

Uneven bars: fourth place, Marleah Campbell 8.650; fifth place, Taylor McPherson 8.600; seventh place, Allison Axtman 8.550; ninth place, Kambre Kloker 8.250.

Level 4 gymnast Lacie Selting on beam.

Balance beam: first place, Kambre Kloker 9.050; third place, Marleah Campbell 8.800; fourth place, Taylor McPherson 8.700; fifth place, Allison Axtman 8.600; tenth place, Lacie Selting 8.250.

Floor exercise, first place, Taylor McPherson 9.300; third place, Marleah Campbell 9.050; third place, Allison Axtman 9.050; fifth place, Kambre Kloker 9.00.

All around, first place, Marleah Campbell 35.500; second place, Taylor McPherson 35.350; fourth place, Kambre Kloker 35.200; sixth place, Allison Axtman 34.000; ninth place, Allison Thiel 32.850; tenth place, Lacie Selting 32.800

The next competition for the SGC squad is the "Julie Ziegler Invitational" in Bismarck, ND January 14-15, 2017.

(Photos by Keri McPherson)


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