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Some women in the agriculture world have heard of Annie’s Project. So what is it? A program for empowering women in agriculture to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. Farm and ranch women are decision makers, so why Annie’s Project? This is a six-week course that is a discussion-based workshop bringing women together to learn from experts in production, financial management, human resources, marketing and the legal field. Farm and ranch women are generating a cultural tide in American agriculture that is moving management, assets and opportunities to a new wave of farmers across the country. Whether new or experienced, understanding the five areas of agricultural risk, knowing how to analyze agricultural spreadsheets and other necessary skills are vital. This program is a six-week course, the dates are as following; January 12, January 19, January 26, February 2, February 9 and February 16. This will be held at Broadway Commons, 302 E Broadway Williston. This program will be from 6p.m.-9p.m. C.T, light meal will be served at 5:30p.m. CT. These six educational sessions of the course include topics from five risk areas. They are as followed, emphases may vary;

Financial Risk- women and money, basic financial documentation, interpreting financial statements, enterprise analysis, USDA programs and record keeping systems

Human Resource Risk- communication and management styles, insurance needs and succession planning

Legal risk- estate planning, farmland leasing and employee management

Market risk- access to market information and grain or livestock marketing

Production risk- natural resource conservation service, web soil survey and crop insurance

These skills are learned in a friendly environment where questions and discussion are welcome and allow the learning process to flourish. Past Annie’s Project participants say they find answers, strength and friendship- and also grow in confidence, business skills and community prestige through this program. This program does require for you to be in attendance at all sessions, registration deadline is January 10th. The program fee is $125, for more information please contact the North Dakota State University Extension Office, Williams County. Please ask for the Family and Consumer Science Agent, Desire’e Steinberger at 701-577-4595.


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