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By don smies 

Tis The Season For Free Holiday Ride Tokens


The Richland County DUI Task Force is continuing our effort to confront and reduce buzzed and impaired driving in our county. The Holiday Token Project runs from December 23, 2016 to January 2, 2017. The free ride tokens are provided to local establishments. In turn the establishments disseminate the tokens to anyone who may be impaired, thus providing a free option to get home safe.

The Task Force would like to continue with the Holiday Token Program, but we need your help. Last year the Holiday Token Program cost the Task Force $1425.86. We also provided free ride tokens for Fairview’s Old Timers Festival ($245.72) and the Richland County Fair ($248.00). In all $1919.58 was spent. Remember, NO County funds were used to sponsor these programs. The funds were generated through donations and other fundraising activities by the DUI Task Force. We estimate that just the Holiday Token Program alone will need $2000.00 this year. Why, you ask? Our program has gained popularity throughout the community and has saved lives. Last holiday season 134 folks received a safe and free ride home. As a result, DUIs were decreased by 42.85% from the previous year. The Fairview Festival Program provided 10 folks a safe, free ride home. DUIs were reduced 200% from the preceding year. At the Richland County Fair, 30 people received a free and safe ride home. DUIs were reduced a whopping 500% from the 2015 fair.

Our goal, like yours, is to keep impaired drivers off our roadways. Every one of us either drives our roadways every day, or has a loved one that does. By sponsoring ride tokens, you can rest assured knowing your tax deductible donation is making a difference. I know in my heart, if an impaired person is sitting in the back seat of the Sidney Shuttle, they are not going to endanger your family or mine on the roadways of Richland County.

Let’s make this Holiday Season the safest yet. Thank you in advance, for your help in this very important program.

You can reach Mr. Smies at 433-2207 or email at [email protected] Anyone in the community that is interested is encouraged to come to the quarterly meetings and to participate as you like. Together we will make a difference.


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