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Feiring Cattle Company


Located in Beach, ND, Feiring Cattle Company is a 1985-acre purebred Angus operation. The family-run ranch is owned and operated by Donnie and Trisha Feiring and their two young daughters, Harley and Taylor.

This year, Feiring Cattle Company received the 2016 Environmental Stewardship Award from the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association. They will now compete against other Environmental Stewardship Award winners from South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas for a regional award.

Feiring Cattle Company began in 1983 when Donnie purchased his first QAS Traveler 23-4, but heritage reigns throughout the company back to 1945 when Donnie’s grandfather, Arnold Feiring, started his cowherd.

Today, Feiring Cattle Company’s herd consists of 130 head of registered Angus cows that trace back to Shoshone Viking GD60, QAS Traveler 23-4, OCC Emblazon 854E and Fahren of Wye UMF 5830.

“We have worked hard over the past 30 years to improve consistency and predictability in our herd. We feel we have been able to do this through using proven lines of genetics,” Donnie said, who went on to say, “In 2004, we purchased DDA Ledger 69D from Diamond D Angus at Valier, MT, and used him very heavily to build the foundation of our cowherd today.”

Feiring Cattle’s cowherd is selected for calm temperaments, fleshing ability, fertility, structural soundness, quality udders and a proper balance of milk and growth.

They do not creep feed their cattle because the family believes that cattle should be able to maintain flesh without additional resources. Their cows run on dryland pasture and native range in the rolling plains and Badlands along the North Dakota-Montana border.

For several years, Feiring Cattle Company has practiced Holistic Resource Management and will always strive to raise cattle that are efficient, productive, uniform and consistent, trouble-free, easy-keeping and balanced.

“We are always paying attention to how our operation affects the land and the soil. We are constantly improving our business to make the soil better and, of course, our cattle,” Donnie said.

The Feiring family markets their cattle by private treaty and through an annual production sale in November. Currently, they have 15 head of forage-developed bulls, 20 heifer calves and 20 head of select cows available for sale by private treaty.

All are welcome to visit Donnie and Trisha at Feiring Catle Company, and call them at 701-872-5888.


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