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JB Angus Will be at Stockman Livestock West's Sale Jan. 25th


JB Angus will be at the Stockman Livestock West sale in Dickinson, ND at 1:00pm mountain time January 25th, 2017. Owners Jonathan Ficek’s and Bobby Kubas’s families have been ranching in the area for generations, and each of them have independent family operated ranches, but in 2013 the two men bought a herd of cattle from Tuhy Angus and established JB Angus. Their priority is raising seed stock for commercial cattlemen and the registered cows receive no special treatment and are run alongside the commercial cows, requiring them to maintain their place in the herd, and making them structurally sound and acclimated to hard winters.

JB Angus pride themselves on customer service, and will do whatever they can to address any issue that arises before, during, or after the sale to ensure satisfied customers.

Good maternal genetics are important and a lot of selection pressure is placed on the bulls. Cattle must have structural correctness, a calm disposition, and “real world genetics”. Cattle that produce a live calf at birth that gains well on grass and milk are a priority, and those calves go on to become top replacement females.

For more information, visit their website at or call 701-590-3598 or 701-590-9814.


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