The Roundup -

Sidney Speach & Drama Divisionals


Seniors: Jorhen Carpenter, Kasey Gorder, Laura Elmore, Peachlyn Simons, Patrycja Wierzchalek and Jaz Hodge.

Divisionals took place in Havre this past Saturday with 11 schools from central and eastern A division competing for the top 12 places to advance onto State. The top 8 received medals. Everyone from the Drama Team will be competing at State. The Drama Team finished 5th overall

Dramatic Solo: Laura Elmore 2nd, Kyle Topp 5th, Jaz Hodge 8th

Classic Duo: Peachlyn Simons & Atlas Hill 3rd, Shea Roberts & Christine Turek 8th

Humorous Duo: Tyler Berka & Katrina Meldahl 11th

Dramatic Duo: Josh Delaney & Hollye Blekestad 11th

Speech Team:

Impromptu: Kasey Gorder 4th

Original Oratory: Luke Turek 5th, Alex Messer 6th, Patrycja Wierzchalek 7th

Extemporaneous: Shanyn Reidle 8th

Memorized Public Address: Johren Carpenter 9th, Tianna Earle 10th

Informative: Hannah Evans 9th

Lincoln Douglas Debate: Naomi Mata 11th

Front Row: Jaz Hodge, Christine Turek, Alex Messer and Sam Stephenson 2nd Row: Patrycja Wierzchalek, Peachlyn Simons, Johren Carpenter, Kasey Gorder, Tyler Berka, Katrina Meldahl and Tianna Earle 3rd Row: Hannah Evans, Atlas Hill, Laura Elmore, Shea Roberts, Naoni Mata, Luke Turek, Kyle Topp, Hollye Blekestad and Josh Delaney Not in Photo: Shanyn Reidle


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