Community Hygge at the McKenzie County Pioneer Museum


McKenzie County Library staff (L-R) Rebecca Cook, Kathleen Trana and Stacy Sink pose in front of a book display at the Community Hygge on Feb 10.

The McKenzie County Pioneer Museum held a Community Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") on February 10th in Watford City. The Hygge, in honor of the Scandinavian lifestyle of comfort and relaxation, allowed members of the community to learn about the history of Watford while meeting new people and enjoying a social evening. Candles were placed all around the museum to provide a soothing atmosphere while both new and long time members of the community socialized and enjoyed refreshments provided by local businesses.

Kathleen Trana, Rebecca Cook and Stacy Sink of the McKenzie County Public Library set up a beautiful display of books where the ladies were available to recommend books on the Hygge lifestyle, and "cozy reads" - enjoyable novels that are ideal for being read by the fireplace. "We have a wonderful library here," said Kathleen Trana, McKenzie County Library director. "We'd like people to know they can use it."

Refreshments included cider and hot chocolate, coffee, cakes, breads, doughnuts, cookies, soups, puddings and chocolates.

Museum employees were on hand to provide further information about Hygge and the history of Watford City while local history enthusiasts viewed the museum displays. Near the refreshments, guests sat at a large dinner table and enjoyed coloring bookmarks and board games. "It's great to see the community get together," said Rebecca Cook, McKenzie County Library employee.

Sandy Rieker, Director of Outreach at the museum was in attendance along with museum employees Val Swensrud and Paige Fraley. Rieker, speaking about the enthusiasm in the room said, "There was a lot going on in the community tonight and we're very pleased with how it turned out."

The museum plans on making this the first of many celebrations of world cultures. For those who missed the opportunity to attend this Hygge, there may be another opportunity to enjoy the happiness of Denmark. "This is very nice," said Rieker, "We want to do another one before winter's over."


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