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Cayko Joins GMO Advocacy Group


Kathryn Cayko

Kathryn Cayko has been spreading the word about genetically modified organisms (GMO) to people around the community. Cayko is the Montana Biotech Spokeswoman for the Montana Dakota sugar beet growers.

Cayko had worked in plant biotechnology for several years before starting her position as an agriculturalist at Sidney Sugars. She is honored that she was given the opportunity to speak for farmers that are busy growing, planting, and harvesting crops. "Farmers are very unrepresented in Washington because they are very busy actually growing food, so someone has to be their voice," said Cayko.

Educating the general public about the benefits of genetic modification and how safe and healthy it really is, is one of Cayko's main goals. Her message is that GMOs are very safe, not only for consumer consumption but also for the environment because they are grown in a sustainable way now. She wants people to accept genetically modified crops and know that there is nothing wrong with them. "I think that GMOs are the best option for farmers to feed and clothe our growing population. I am a huge proponent for genetic modification, not only because it boosts farmers crops but it in turn helps them feed their family, puts money back in the community, and promotes a healthy lifestyle."

To make an even bigger impact, Cayko is joining a group of 19 women from all the beet growing areas in the country who are trying to change the public's perception that genetic biotechnology is bad. She said, " We are all in some way related to a sugar beet farmer, either married to one or daughters of one, because we all have added interest in making sure that the sugar beet industry thrives." The group is led by sugar beet lobbyist, Luther Markwart, in Washington, D.C. "He is a great asset for us and his team is so full of information to help our cause," Cayko stated.

Cayko would like to spread her message to as many people as she can. She doesn't want to only make an impression in her community, she also wants to make a big impression nationwide. She is always delighted to speak to anyone who is willing to listen because it is such an important topic in this industry.


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