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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage presents Phil Gungor!


Don’t miss this event on March 24 and 25! International speaker Phil Gungor will be here LIVE giving you the most powerful tools on how to strengthen, rebuild, and regenerate your marriage! This male-friendly seminar will have you laughing for days. This is one of the most sought out marriage conferences in the country that will:

• Bring hope and positive change to marriages.

Our Ministry stimulates hope in even the most hopeless situations and has the potential to positively change every marriage, no matter how good or bad the couples believe it to be.

• Create better communication in marriages.

Our ministry createsnew ways of thinking about how husbands and wives communicate, resulting in stronger lines of communication in their relationship.

• Help couples better understand each other’s needs.

Our ministry provides vehicles whereby your spouse can better understand you and your important motivations.

• Rekindle romance in marriage relationships.

Our ministry drives home the fact that God created sex to be the single greatest force design to bring a husband and wife together. Our teachings on sexual purity give men and women permission to be the passionate individuals God has created them to be.

• Appeal widely to husbands, even those who may typically resist marriage minstry.

Our minstry validates and strongly supports the male experience, which allows us to connect with husbands in more effective ways than many traditional marriage enrichment programs.


Reader Comments(2)

admin writes:

It is March 24 at 7 pm & March 25 at 9 pm in the Watford City High School Theater. This information is also listed in the events calendar on this website.

12pleasetell34 writes:

WHERE & WHAT TIME is the Phil Gungor event? The article says nothing!?


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