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Easter Egg Hunting Season Opens


You remembered to get your doe tags and fishing license this year, but did you remember to get your egg hunting license? Easter egg hunting seasons officially opens in the area in the next two weeks, and you can be sure there will be enough eggs to go around.

Everybody knows that rabbits don't lay eggs, but nonetheless, Americans devote more than $1.9 billion each year to purchase Easter candy. The Easter bunny fable dates back as far at the 1500's, and historians believe that the Easter bunny arrived in America sometime during the 1700's, when German immigrants brought the traditional egg-laying hare, the "Osterhase", with them. The "Osterhase" would lay its colored eggs in nests left by the children. On Easter morning, children would wake up and set off to find the eggs in the basket. Eventually, the tradition spread across America and blossomed into what we see today.

Whether filled with chocolates, jellybeans, coins or prize tickets, children are determined to find the hidden eggs and fill their buckets and baskets. If you are looking for a local hunt, check out the calendar below.

Watford City-The Watford City Lions Club is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt "Egg-stravaganza" at the Rough Rider Center on Saturday, April 15, from 11 to 2, Central time. The egg-stravaganza features an egg hunt, pictures with the Easter bunny, a bunny petting zoo, face painting, a bouncy house and prizes for all ages. The Rough Rider concession and coffee shop will be open during the event. The Rough Rider Center is located at 2209 Wolves Den Parkway in Watford City. Remember to bring an egg basket!

Sidney: Elk's Club- On April 15th at 11AM, an Easter egg hunt for children under 12 will be at Veterans Park.

Moose Lodge - April 8 at 10 am, children through age 10 are invited to an Easter egg hunt at Moose Park.

Sidney-Richland County Library- Easter egg hunt will be during Story Time on April 14, at 10:30AM. The hunt is for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and takes place inside the library. The story that day will be Easter-themed.

Reynold's Market- The Reynold's Market aisles will be scattered with eggs for a hunt that takes place on Friday, April 14th at 11 AM. The hunt is for preschoolers to children up to third grade.

Mucho Si Mexican Restaurant- 600 eggs will be hidden at Mucho Si Mexican Restaurant in the Yellowstone Marketplace on Friday, April 14th, at 2PM sharp. Bring your own basket, and don't be late!

Williston-The Confluence Center/Fort Buford- An Easter egg hunt will take place on Saturday, April 8th, at 1PM Central time, for children up to 12 years old. Register for door prizes before the hunt, and purchase hot dogs prepared by the Mt. Moriah Lodge. The event will take place outside, and will be rescheduled if weather does not cooperate.

The Little Sprouts Egg Hunt at the Wiliston Visitors Center will take place on Wednesday, April 12th, from 10 to 3. Pre-school aged children and younger may collect 8-10 eggs and meet the Easter bunny. Eggs will be replenished every 30 to 40 minutes for more children to participate. The Visitor's Center is located at 212 Airport Road.

Fairview: An Easter egg hunt will start eggs-actly at noon Thursday, April 13th at Sharbono Park. Prizes will be given for hunters who find special numbered eggs. The hunt is sponsored by the Fairview Chamber of Commerce.

Elmdale: Friday, April 7th: An egg hunt will take place at Elmdale Hall at 430 pm. A potluck will follow.


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