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Fairview Old Timer's Festival Fundraiser


The planning committee would like to announce a fundraiser to assist in paying for the construction of a metal structure to replace the tents now rented. This structure would be considerable size, but probably not as big as the tents now used and would be in front of the Gazebo. The structure would be built to accommodate the portable bleachers that are now borrowed from Fairview High School. It would also have an enclosed ceiling to prevent bird attraction and mess.

As in the past few years the tents have been rented and as those who have enjoyed them know, very well liked, but the expense is becoming prohibitive. The committee has concluded that it would save considerable money to have a permanent cover built.

In 2015 they rented three, and then reduced the number to two in 2016. The cost was approximately $5,000 each year. The cost was split with the Town of Fairview, but even with that, this is just too expensive to continue. They have hired a local contractor to begin construction. The estimate of the cost for the permanent structure is $9,000. It is planned to not put a concrete floor down this year, but finish it by next year. It will also be handicap accessible to ADA code.

The Festival Committee is asking for donations of any size to help with the cost. Donations can be sent to, Fairview Old Timer’s Reunion, PO Box 87, Fairview, MT, 59221.


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