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Free Haul Available for Retired Vehicles in Richland County


Now that the snow has melted and the ground has thawed, Mother Nature may be revealing things in your yard you may have forgotten: dilapidated fence, overgrown brush, and the seven “project” cars that never got finished. Fortunately, Richland County has a program that can help you complete those “projects” at no cost to you.

The Richland County Junk Vehicle program can haul away junk, or “project”, vehicles to be recycled at no cost to you. A “junk” vehicle is one that is discarded, ruined, wrecked or dismantled, and is inoperable or incapable of being driven. Component parts, such as a free-standing chassis, engine or body can also be hauled, though no more than five tires may accompany the vehicle. Vehicles that still contain fuel, air conditioning fluid, or other standard vehicles fluids are acceptable as well.

The hauling service is offered free to Richland County residents as long as the vehicle or component parts are located on property within the county limits, and there is no lien on the vehicle.

The program is funded entirely by yearly vehicle registration fees, and does not utilize county funds or county tax dollars. The program is coordinated through the Richland County Health Department and vehicles are crushed and recycled through a direct-haul contract with Border Steel and Recycling in Sidney.

For more information or to schedule to have a vehicle hauled, please contact the Richland County Sanitarian at 406-433-2207.


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