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Celebrate Independence Day with Fire Safety in Mind


Firefighters want to inform the public that conditions are dry, and one small spark has the potential to cause a damaging wildfire. Take extra precautions with fireworks, campfires and other outdoor activities during your Independence Day celebrations.

· Ensure your campfire is cold to the touch before you leave;

· Check tow chains to ensure they are not dragging and;

· Remember that vehicles parked or driven in tall grass can start a fire

Fireworks are prohibited on state and federal lands; and some counties and cities may have bans on fireworks, campfires and open burning. Please check with local officials to see if bans are in place in your area or visit the national fire restrictions website at:

Do your part this holiday weekend to prevent human-caused fires. One Less Spark, Means One Less Wildfire!

This message is brought to you by your local, state and federal fire agencies.


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