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Local Artist Trish Stevenson To Draw In Alexander July 15


Trish Stevenson's painting "Getting Sideways" was selected for the Committee Purchase Award at the Stampede Western Invitaional Art Exhibit in Greeley, CO.

Local artist Trish Stevenson will be the featured artist at the Alexander Farmer's Market on Saturday, July 15.

Stevenson will quick draw a piece that will be auctioned at the Farmer's Market. A quick draw is where an artist spends a short amount of time to produce a work, and is a type of art performance. "I do a lot of quick draws. It's something to entertain a crowd and it demonstrates your artwork so people can see how your process is completed from start to finish," Stevenson explained.

For this piece, Stevenson will use pastels, and anticipates spending an hour on the artwork, though she has completed quick draws in less time. "In Miles City, they give us half an hour.This one I'm thinking more like an hour," she said.

Stevenson has been a professional artist for many years, and her work has been displayed in exhibits all over the region. Most recently, she won the Stampede Purchase Award at the 2017 Stampede Western Invitation Art Show in Greeley, Colorado, with her painting, "Gettin' Sideways". "It was a huge honor and it'll be in their permanent collection and featured on the 2018 show poster and marketing materials," Stevenson said of the accomplishment.

The Farmer's Market is sponsored by the Lewis and Clark Trail Museum, and has run each summer in the Alexander City Park for decades. The local Lion's Club serves burgers, local producers sell their products, and entertainment is included. Stevenson is excited to be part of the activities and is supportive of the mission of the Trail Museum. "It's a really good cause. It's just a treasure to go in and see how people lived back in the day. It's very interesting to see how things progressed with farming over the years," Stevenson said.

The winning bidder will receive the original western-themed painting after it is framed.

Proceeds will benefit the activities of the Lewis and Clark Trail Museum. The Farmer's Market begins at 6 p.m. on July 15.


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