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Celebrate the Rough Rider Center's First Anniversary October 21


October 18, 2017 | View PDF

Fun Pianos! By 176 Keys' veteran dueling pianists Tommy and Matt will host the show.

One year has passed since Watford City's Rough Rider Center opened its doors, and to celebrate the anniversary, an evening of laughing, shouting and singing is planned for Saturday, October 21st.

Over the past year, the Rough Rider Center has served as a hub for recreation and events in Watford City, having been host to concerts, seasonal festivals, holiday banquets, corporate events, and rec programs, as well as various school groups and sports teams. "We have great working relationships with the hockey club, figure skating, gymnastics, and others like the schools and the McKenzie County Skills Initiative that offer many opportunities for our county," said Kylee Roff, Business Development Manager for the Rough Rider Center. The Rough Rider Center and rec department are currently looking at expanding recreation programs and hosting additional events.

To celebrate a successful first year, the Rough Rider Center has invited Fun Pianos! By 176 Keys, a dueling pianos show, to lead a musical party with singing along to high-energy classic and current rock and country, and laughing at original comedy throughout the show. Fun Pianos! By 176 Keys' veteran dueling pianists Tommy and Matt will host the show.

The show begins at 8PM Central time on Saturday, October 21st in the Rough Rider Center Ballroom. Single tickets can be purchased for $50, or choose to host a table for 8 people for $350. The ticket price includes two free drink tickets and appetizers made in-house. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Rough Rider Center reception desk. Only 250 tickets will be sold. For questions about Fun Pianos! By 176 Keys on October 21st, or to book an event at the Rough Rider Center, contact Kylee Roff at 701-842-3665.


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