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Washington Student Seeks Montana Info


January 10, 2018 | View PDF

Josiah Gopaul

An elementary school student from Washington State is seeking information from Montana residents to complete a school report.

Josiah Gopaul is a 5th grade student at Cascade Christian Elementary School in Payallup, Washington. Josiah has been assigned Montana for his school project and must complete a report that includes basic information, and interesting stories about Montana.

Josiah said he drew Montana out of a hat, and has never visited before. He'll be responsible for crafting a report on the state, building a display board, and answering questions from his classmates about Montana.

The Cascade Christian library had purchased books on the states assigned to the students, so Josiah will read the book and learn the basic information about Montana. He is now looking for interesting stories, pictures, and Montana memorabilia from real Montana residents.

Josiah contacted the Roundup requesting information from readers in a letter. "If any of your readers would like to help me by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts, products, etc. from your state, it would be greatly appreciated!," Josiah wrote in his letter.

In school, Josiah's favorite subject is math, and he enjoys soccer, so much so that he aspires to be a professional soccer player. He has one brother who is 7, and has lived in Washington his whole life, he says.

To help Josiah with his project, mail Montana memorabilia to Cascade Christian School, Attention Josiah Gopaul, 601 9th Ave SE, Payallup, Washington, 98372. Josiah wasn't sure when he would need to receive the materials, so "right now would be good," he said.


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