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Peterson Farm Brothers to Attend 65th Annual National Hard Spring Wheat Show


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Peterson Farm Brothers

On Wednesday, February 7th, an agricultural advocating and musical group of three brothers will be coming to Williston! The event will take place at the Williston Grand Hotel from at 6:00 pm CST to 8:00 pm CST. It is open to the public and admission is free.

The Peterson Brothers: Kendal, Greg, and Nathan will be presenting educational and entertaining parodies and talks, all for the purpose of advocating for agriculture. They will be talking about the need to inform people about what they do in farming and agriculture as a whole. The brothers believe today there are many misconceptions about modern-day farmers and they feel the need to correct them.

The brothers live on a 5th generation farm/ranch in Assaria, Kansas, where they grow alfalfa, forage sorghum, wheat, milo, and soybeans. They also maintain two feedlots that contain about 1,000 beef cattle. The brothers farm around 1,400 acres and have lived and worked on the farm with their family their entire lives.

In 2011, they received their very first taste of fame when they made their first YouTube video. It all started with a video featuring their whole family called "Wheat Harvest on a Real Family Farm in Kansas." Then in May 2012, the eldest brother, Greg, had an idea to make a parody music video to inform their friends about farming. With the help of Greg's two other brothers, Kendal and Nathan, they filmed a video called, "I'm Farming, and I Grow It" which was a parody to the song "I'm Sexy, and I Know it" by LMFAO. The video went viral on YouTube and received over five million views in over 200 countries in just two weeks.

Since the making of their popular video, "I'm Farming, and I Grow It" the brothers have continued to make parody videos and informative videos about their daily lives on their farm. The brothers blog about misunderstood topics in agriculture. They also continue to give talks about agriculture around the United States and have hosted tours of their farm each summer for people of all ages to learn about agriculture and the farmers that grow it! The Peterson brothers explained, "We don't know how long we will keep making videos, but we do hope to stay on the agricultural advocacy front for the rest of our lives."


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