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Show-Rite Feed at R&J Ag Supply


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The R&J Ag Supply team (L-R) Russell Johnson (founder), Hayley Darnielle (Small Animal Specialist), Karli Johnson (Office Manager) and Ben Johnson (Owner).

For the past 50 years, R&J Ag Supply has been serving the needs of cattle producers in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota with the highest quality cattle supplements, knowledge, and experience in the livestock industry.

R&J Ag Supply, located in Sidney, is a family owned and operated business that carries a full line of bagged minerals, liquid supplements, Crystalyx Brand supplements, and medicated premixes.

One of the feeds that R&J Ag Supply sells is a complete texturized feed called, Show-Rite Show Feeds. This brand of feed is comprised of premium show feeds for cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats. These feeds are formulated using the latest technology to optimize the growth and development of livestock. "We sell Show-Rite and supplements so that consumers can maximize their own feed whether they grind or source their own corn. We sell a lot of vitamin-mineral supplements with a couple different show feed additives for producers to meet their specific goals," said the owner of R&J Ag Supply, Ben Johnson.

R&J Ag Supply carries three types of Show-Rite Feed for cattle. These feeds contain a mixture of steam-flaked corn, oats, barley, cottonseed hulls, linseed meal, and molasses. R&J Ag Supply carries Cruiser, Throttled Up, and Accelerator. All three of these types contain organic trace mineral complexes, probiotics, fermentation extracts, and also flavoring agents.

Cruiser is a high-fiber complete growing feed designed to increase frame and muscle growth. This type of feed can also be used to maintain market cattle once they reach a desirable level of finish. Throttled Up is a high-energy and high-fat feed. This type maximizes animal performance and provides a smooth finish. It also adds more growth and fat to the animal. Accelerator is a type of feed producers will want to use for developing show bulls, conditioning show heifers, and for increasing fast growth in market cattle. Accelerator is a blend between Throttled Up and Cruiser. This mix promotes smooth finish and is specifically formulated for commercial operations.

R&J Ag Supply provides three types of feed for pigs. These three types are Pig Starter, Grower, and Finisher. The Starter is a medicated feed used for baby pigs 21 days of age that are around 40 to 70 pounds. The Grower is a feed meant for pigs weighing 70 to 120 pounds. It is a pelleted feed that optimizes frame, skeletal development, and muscularity. This is a type of feed used to transition from the Pig Starter, which can be fed to show pigs once you bring them home. The Finisher is a type of product you will want to feed your show pig when it is around 125 pounds all the way up to their finished weight.

R&J Ag Supply also carries Show-Rite feed rations for sheep. The types of feed they supply for show sheep are made to increase early muscle shape and expression in lambs. It also supports a healthy digestive tract and immune system. They also provide different types of feed that encourage early consumption of lambs, which includes high palatability ingredients. The Grower feed for lambs is a product that not only increases muscle mass but also delivers a smooth look and handle to the animal.

R&J Ag Supply also sells a variety of different supplements that provide essential nutrients to livestock while improving their overall performance. The supplements they supply are specifically chelated and formulated for the MonDak region. R&J Ag Supply's overall goal is to help area producers maximize the production of livestock with the feed that is already in the producer's operation.


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