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April 11, 2018 | View PDF

Dear Editor:

I admire Joel Krautter. I admire that Krautter has been able to fit in and plug into Sidney when he’s from a place that is startlingly different from here. I admire that Krautter has come to change his worldview so dramatically some time between when he campaigned for Barack Obama and worked for John Tester and when he came to Sidney. I truly admire the ability of someone to admit they’re wrong, and that’s commendable. I admire that Krautter has been able to employ his skill as a defense attorney and use it politically, with the knack at giving obscure answers, vague affirmations or denials concerning policy positions, and often stating the need to research more before giving his opinion on a subject that’s as old as Moses. I admire Krautter’s general likability, desire to work across the political aisle, and eagerness to cooperate with the opposition party. I don’t have any of those skills.

I called and spoke to some of Krautter’s college associates, trying to best determine the man’s political trajectory and positions. I spoke with one who helped him form the college democrats at Liberty University. I spoke with another friend from Liberty University who opposed Krautter’s then-position on illegal immigration. And regardless of what side of the aisle they were on, they all found Krautter to be likable. Again, I find likability admirable.

However, different times call for different measures. I’m not sure that likability is what House District 35 needs at the moment, and neither am I sure that compromise – although sometimes necessary – is most important in our state legislature. There’s lots of compromise in Helena. What Helena needs, I believe, is conservatism.

Richland County is a small community, and we all have to love and get along. The last thing I want to do is besmirch a likeable guy who as far as I know may live here for another two or three years. I admire Krautter. But, I wouldn’t vote for him because I’m altogether unsure of his conservatism, his convictions, or his qualifications.

Jordan Hall


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